Corrosion is very common and biggest problem in the oil and gas industry. The Corrosion Inhibitors are extensively in demand to avoid the corrosion in Drilling, Stimulation, Crude oil Production and Processing. These chemicals are injected at the level of well head, Gas extraction columns, Pipeline Headers etc.The corrosion inhibitor products are a combination of Esters of Fatty Alcohols and Amines, lmidazolines and their Salts, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and Amides mixed in right proportion and formulated as per the local requirement of each Oil and Gas field

Santreat MZAcid Corrosion InhibitorBlend of Quaternary AmmoniumLiquid
ACI 3004Compounds and Acetylenic Alcohols
Meltreat MZHigh temperatureBlend of formaldehydeLiquid
ACI 3028corrosion Inhibitorand Amine Condensate with High Boiling Acetylenic Alcohols
Maltreat MZ ACI 3028 NFHigh temperature corrosion InhibitorBlend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and Acetylenic AlcoholsLiquid
(non formic based)
Maltreat MZ CIFA 20Filming Amine Corrosion Inhibitorlmidazoline based formulationLiquid
Santreat MZ ACI 3000Inhibitor Adjuvant.Formic based formulationLiquid
Santreat MZ ACI 0424Passivating Corrosion InhibitorA blend of High molecular weight Alcohols and solventsLiquid
Meltreat MZNeutralizing AmineMorpholine based formulationLiquid
WNA 207
Meltreat MZOil Line Corrosionlmidazoline based formulationLiquid
OCI 3006Inhibitor
Maltreat MZ GCI 3005Gas Line Corrosion Inhibitorlmidazoline based formulationLiquid