When choosing the appropriate hydrogen sulfide scavenger, a wide variety of factors have to be taken into consideration. Usually hydrogen sulphide scavenger reduces H2S levels to lower concentrations which is mandatory being very hazardous gas and its corrosive nature. We offer products which helps to reduce the hydrogen sulfide levels to the required parameters. Though very complex natural processes are occurring simultaneously, hydrogen sulfide gets generated and remains associated with petroleum gases and crude oil ,thereby both invariably hold undesirable hydrogen sulfide in high proportions. To block this process, Reliant Exim offers a series of hydrogen sulfide scavengers.

Microtreat MZ FS90Powder
Microtreat MZ RTLiquid
Microtreat MZ RT6Liquid
Microtreat MZ MRLiquid
Microtreat MZ MR4Liquid
Microtreat MZ EWLiquid
Microtreat MZ JWLiquid
Microtreat MZ BWLiquid
Santreat MZ GSXLiquid
Microtreat MZ ERLiquid