TC Ring

Cemented Carbide Roll rings also known as Tungsten Carbide (TC) Roll rings possess good thermal conduction, superior heat resistance, wear resistance and strength. Cemented Carbide holds its strengths and properties under extreme temperature conditions and hence is used extensively in the production of high-speed wire, bar and deformed steel bar.

We manufacture two grades of Cemented Carbide Rings, Wc-Co (Tungsten Carbide Cobalt) and Wc-Co-Ni- Cr (Nickel alloy-based Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Chromium). The product’s hardness and wear resistance come from tungsten carbide (Wc) in the mixture while the toughness and strength from the binding agent (Co-Ni-Cr) give good mechanical properties for its application. With bending strength and impact toughness reach as high as 2200 Mpa and (4 – 6) x 106J/m2 respectively.

Fishing stands/mills usually comprise 8-10 stands before the final product comes out of rolling mills. One of the major causes of failure in the stands is the fracture of the roll surface. The collar on the front stands of the finishing mill may resist heavy-duty and strong impact but surface failure is a very common cause. Our TC rings possess high hardness and good thermal fatigue resistance to minimise such failures. The below manual describes the grades and properties of our cemented carbide roll rings to choose the correct product for your application or you can ask one of our sales engineers.


Technical Specification of finished Carbide Roll Rings

The allowable deviation of carbide roll rings

Radial runout of groove ≤ 0.013 mm

Radial runout of periphery ≤ 0.013 mm

End  face  runout ≤ 0.02 mm

End  face  planeness ≤ 0.01 mm

End face parallelism ≤ 0.01 mm

Roughness of carbide rolls 

Inner hole roughness 0.4µm 

Periphery roughness 0.8µm 

End face roughness 0.4µm

The allowable deviation in external diameter, internal diameter and height is to be determined based on the customer’s needs.

Cemented Carbide Composite Rolls

Our cemented carbide composite rolls are mainly used on the finishing mill for bar, deformed steel bar and common wire. Cemented carbide composite rolls offer reduced change over due to grooves over rolls resulting in reduced change over needs & time and hence improve work efficiency. Using these rolls will improve the surface quality & yield providing remarkable economic benefits. Assembly of the cemented carbide Rolls is quick and easy with the use of a simple hydraulic lock nut to the axial shaft. A pressure of 200 MPa is needed for the same.

Cemented Carbide Composite Rolls Specifications 

External Diameter Width Rolling Size
285 – 480 50-140 5-28