Oilfield Safety Supply

Safety and Protection Equipment

We supplies a wide range of personal safety and fire protection equipment and parts.

Survival, Safety and Protection

Escape Systems for the Offshore Industry
Explosion Proof Alarm, Signal, Control and
Communications Equipment
Explosion Proof Alarms and Beacons, Marine and
Industrial Signalling
Fall Protection, Head Protection and Body Protection
Fire and Explosion Proof Doors for Offshore Platforms
and Ships
Life Saving Equipment and General Maritime Equipment
Lifeboats, Rescue and Freefall Boats
Lifeboats, Rescue Boats and Davits
Life-Saving Equipment for Marine Protection
Personal Fall Protection Equipment
Solutions and Techniques for Work-At-Height and Difficult-Access Rescue
Survival Suits, Re-Breather Systems and Other Survival Products
Technical Safety Equipment for Hazardous Working Environments
Worker Safety Solutions and Personal Protective Equipment

Gas Safety Equipment

  • Gas and Safety Monitoring and Control
  • Portable Multi-Gas Detector
  • Nitrogen Gas Purging
  • Standard Gas Detection