Recuperator – Waste Heat Recovery

A Recuperator is a special purpose counter-flow energy recovery heat exchanger positioned within the supply and exhaust air streams of an air handling system, or in the exhaust gases of an industrial process, in order to recover the waste heat. Generally, they are used to extract heat from the exhaust and use it to preheat air entering the combustion system. In this way they use waste energy to heat the air, offsetting some of the fuel, and thereby improves the energy efficiency of the system as a whole.


Features and Benefits

  • Insulated Housing with a Robust Construction.
  • Provision for Online Cleaning System from Top.
  • Bottom Chutes which enables easy Dust Removal System.
  • Consistent Heat Recovery with respect to Flue Gas Temperature.
  • Lesser Pressure Drop across the Recuperator.
  • Recovered waste heat is the cheapest source of energy-ITS FREE
  • Air preheats up to 700 Deg. C
  • Simple installation
  • Suitable for all fuels including oil, gas, pulverised coal etc
  • Faster furnace start-up
  • Increase furnace productivity
  • Higher flame temp
  • Better soaking
  • Preheat Air, Fuel Gases like BFG, Coal Gases Can operate reheating furnaces with 100% BF gas


  • Rollling
  • Ceramic
  • Blast Furnace
  • Forging
  • Heat Treatment
  • Aluminum